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Handsome Stockholm is the architect of a world where gloves are the most important piece to an outfit. Rooted in its Scandinavian origins, the brand fuses modern edginess and classic glamour to create gloves that can be your perfect company, no matter the occasion. The mission is to bring you a timeless accessory that transcends any temporarities.

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This is Handsome Stockholm

Production & materials

Handsome gloves are table cut and handcrafted by specialised glove makers who have trained in the field for decades. This is resulting in gloves with exceptional quality and design perfection.

Designed in Sweden

We have extensive experience of design and fashion. When designing our gloves we always blend international trends with our Scandinavian heritage.

Italian leather

We work with a tannery based in Naples, Italy, who produces some of the world’s most exclusive leathers, applying the latest techniques to minimise waste and impact of the planet.

Handcrafted in Hungary

When the leather is finished it is handed over to our glove atelier in Pécs, Hungary who’s craftsmen and women know how to intertwine history and artistry with luxury materials and design.

Modern methods are used to minimize waste and environmental impact.

We apply traditional glove making techniques that have been brought forward through generations.

Styling Inspiration

Wear your gloves the Handsome way - as the final piece of a perfect outfit.