About Handsome

Matching and fitted leather gloves are the final piece of a perfect outfit. With top-quality materials and design, Handsome gloves are a handmade piece of art – created to change the way we wear gloves.

About Us

Handsome Stockholm is a contemporary brand for designer gloves. Combining Swedish design with a passion for high quality, our individually crafted gloves are made to last.

Our gloves are a handmade piece of art using top-quality materials, while also being sustainably and ethically crafted by hand in Europe by traditional techniques brought forward through generations.

With our unique 'Lose One, Buy One' policy, you’ll never have to worry about buying a whole new set of gloves if you lose one. We give you the option of buying one replacement glove.

Your hands are powerful - they can hold the ones you love and turn your dreams into reality. We believe that by giving your hands the attention they deserve, they will be empowered to drive a positive change towards a better tomorrow.

Wear our gloves the Handsome way: As the final piece of a perfect outfit.

Swedish Design

Our gloves are characterized by functionality, simplicity and elegance, true to our Scandinavian heritage. We have carefully selected designs and materials that will become even more handsome with age. No matter where you are – Stockholm, London, Paris, New York – our gloves will make you look great, keep you warm year after year and give you the confidence to make a positive change.


Fast wear and tear is not for us: High-quality, sustainability and provenance are key aspects of Handsome Stockholm.

Our gloves are crafted by hand in the picturesque Hungarian town Pécs, also known as the capital of glove making on the European continent. We only use top quality natural materials: fine Italian leather and soft cashmere. By keeping the manufacturing process in Europe we can ensure sustainability throughout our supply chain – from animal retention, leather production to glove making.

Our production, lead by a family owned glove atelier, involves haute couture glove making techniques – craftsmanship that intertwine history and artistry with luxury materials and design. We guarantee a sustainable leather production and gloves free from harmful substances and in line with EU regulations (REACH).

Learn more about our craftsmanship and and the art of leather gloves production.


The year is 2009 and Ingrid is walking down Kings Road in London on her way to work. Unexpectedly, she realizes that she has again lost one of her recently purchased gloves. It’s through the frustration, of not being able to buy just one new replacement glove, that the idea to establish a new brand for gloves was formulated.

Back in Stockholm, 10 years later, she meets up with her friend Ulrika, a seasoned fashion and design specialist. Shortly thereafter, Handsome Stockholm is born.