About Handsome Stockholm

Handsome Stockholm is the architect of a world where gloves are the most important piece to an outfit. Rooted in its Scandinavian origins, the brand fuses modern edginess and classic glamour to create gloves that can be your perfect company, no matter the occasion. The mission is to bring you a timeless accessory that transcends any temporarities.

The final piece

Handsome Stockholm is a glove brand that combines elegance, functionality and quality. Our passion lies in making gloves that are not only luxurious and long-lasting, but also to give the perfect final piece to your outfit.


Our gloves are made in Europe. They are designed in Stockholm, Sweden and are then carefully and meticulously crafted by hand at a family-owned atelier in Hungary. The fine leathers and cashmere are sourced in Italy.

Responsible Fashion

Handsome aims at perpetuating a culture where everyone consumes fashion in a responsible way. That is why our gloves are permanently available in our line. Our timeless designs never go out of style and will accompany you for years to come.

Founders: Ingrid von Konow & Ulrika Fohgelberg Nordén

Our story

In 2009, businesswoman Ingrid von Konow walked down Kings Road in London. On her way to work, she realized that she had (again!) lost one of her recently purchased gloves. Her frustration grew into an idea – why is there not a glove brand that allows you to buy one replacement glove? A decade later back in Stockholm, Ingrid invited her friend Ulrika Fohgelberg Nordén, a fashion and design specialist, to a lunch. At that table, Handsome Stockholm was finally born.

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Wear your gloves the Handsome way - as the final piece of a perfect outfit.