About Handsome

Matching and fitted leather gloves are the final piece of a perfect outfit. With top-quality materials and design, Handsome gloves are a handmade piece of art – created to change the way we wear gloves.

Handsome hands

Hands are one of our greatest and most powerful assets – so we think they deserve extra attention. To us, few accessories are as elegant as a pair of matching leather gloves. They are the final piece of a perfect outfit.

Made to last

Fast wear and tear is not for us. Handsome is sustainably produced and made to last. Our gloves are handmade with great craftsmanship and top-quality natural materials: fine Italian leather and soft cashmere.

Lose One – Buy One

It happens to the best of us, but losing a glove is always annoying. If this happens to one of your Handsome gloves, just use our unique Lose One Buy One service to purchase one new, left or right.


Handsome is designed in Stockholm and sustainably crafted by hand by a family owned glove atelier located in the picturesque Hungarian town Pécs, also known as the capital of glove making on the European continent. The atelier provides a great work environment for over 20 craftsmen and woman, many of whom have worked in the trade for decades.

By keeping the manufacturing process in Europe we can ensure sustainability throughout our supply chain. We guarantee a sustainable leather production and gloves free from harmful substances and in line with EU regulations (REACH). We also minimise transportation to preserve our beautiful planet.


Handsome was founded by two friends who wanted to revolutionise the glove market.

The idea to build a designer brand for gloves was born 10 years ago by Ingrid von Konow. With a basis in London she lived and travelled the world through work in the media industry. Independently of where she went she struggled to find affordable and qualitative designer gloves that were sold in an appealing format.

Back in Sweden a decade later she meets with Ulrika Fohgelberg Nordén, a friend and seasoned fashion and design professional. They join forces and Handsome Stockholm is born.

"The final piece of a perfect outfit"