Handsome Stockholm represents elegance, functionality, and sustainability. Our gloves are not made for temporary trends, but to transcend seasons and time. Every design has been carefully thought through to ensure the highest quality and a responsible environmental impact.

We believe that a pair of long-lasting gloves are better for both your wardrobe and our planet. Therefore, the Handsome person not only chooses longevity, but also develops style in a conscious, sustainable way.



What is Handsome Stockholm’s approach to sustainability? 

We believe in refining your style, not adding unnecessary pieces to your wardrobe. With that in mind, we release designs that are permanently available in our line. Instead of a pair of gloves that will last you one winter, our products are crafted to be on your hands for years to come. This reduces waste, and ultimately, our impact on the environment.

Where are Handsome Stockholm's gloves produced?

Our entire glove-making process takes place in Europe. The gloves are designed right in Handsome’s hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. The leathers we use are sourced from a tannery in Naples, Italy, which uses modern methods to ensure minimal waste and environmental impact. The leathers are then carefully and lovingly crafted by hand at a family-owned glove atelier in Pécs, Hungary. Our 100% cashmere knitted gloves and linings are also produced in Italy.

What materials does Handsome Stockholm use?

Our gloves are made of the finest lamb leather from Naples, Italy. As a region situated near the sea, its salty air is perfect for drying leather, making the end product ultra soft. Our beautiful knitted gloves are made from 100% premium Italian cashmere. The leather gloves’ linings are also sourced in Italy.

Does Handsome Stockholm have vegan / leather-free gloves?

Yes, we do! Our 100% cashmere knitted gloves are perfect for those who are searching for a luxurious and vegan-friendly pair of gloves.

However, due to the quality and versatility of leather, most of the items in our product line are made of leather. Even so, our sourcing and production process ensure that the leathers are obtained with animal welfare in mind.

What is Handsome Stockholm’s approach to animal welfare?

The leathers we use to create our fine gloves are sourced from the by-products of environment-friendly meat processing plants in Europe that also ensure animal welfare, to avoid further unnecessary waste.

How do I best care for my gloves so they last long?

Your gloves were created with longevity in mind, and they will age beautifully. You just need to make sure that they are properly cared for. Avoid exposing your gloves to rain, and if they become wet, dry them on a flat surface at room temperature. Avoid sources of heat. If they become dirty, gently rub with a soft cloth together with some talcum powder as soon as possible.

Do I have to buy a new pair if I lose a glove? Isn’t that quite wasteful?

As we strive to be sustainable, we also implement a “Lose One, Buy One” policy on every pair of gloves purchased from us. If you lose a glove, we give you the option to buy a replacement glove. This policy is a piece in our mission to provide you long-lasting pieces, with sustainability in mind.