It happens to the best of us, but losing a glove is always annoying. If this happens to one of your Handsome gloves, use our unique 'Lose One Buy One' service to purchase one new glove. The price for purchasing one glove is 50% of a complete pair.

How does it work?

To use our exclusive and unique service, send us an email to support@handsomestockholm.com with the following information and we will sort you out:

  • Order number or copy of receipt if available
  • Name
  • Glove size
  • Which glove you lost; left or right
  • Attach a photo of the remaining glove

Additional services to prolog the lifetime of your gloves:
Read about care instructions.
Read about our repair service.

Wear your gloves the Handsome way - as the final piece of a perfect outfit.