Handsome gloves are table cut and handcrafted by specialised glove makers who have trained in the field for decades. We can assure that our gloves are made with exceptional quality and design perfection.


We have extensive experience of design and fashion. When designing our gloves we always blend international trends with our Scandinavian heritage.


We work with a tannery based in Naples, Italy, who produces some of the world’s most exclusive leathers, applying the latest techniques to minimise waste and impact of the planet.


When the leather is finished it is handed over to our glove atelier in Pécs, Hungary who’s craftsmen and women know how to intertwine history and artistry with luxury materials and design.


Each individual skin needs a careful examination in order to determine which parts of the leather to use for each section of the glove. This process requires an experienced and skilled eye in order to maximise the quality and to minimise waste.


All leathers have a natural stretch that requires work before cutting. Since each piece of leather is different, the cutter determines how much the leather should be stretched and in what direction in order to guarantee a perfect fit.


The cutter prepares the leather by applying paper stencils to mark all parts of the glove on the leather. The cutter sprinkles some talc powder in order to determine the edges of the stencil.


Mastering table cutting is one of the hardest elements in the production process.


The process of sewing the gloves is the heart of our haute couture craftsmanship process. This requires exceptional skills by the craftsperson’s sleight of hand.


In the last phase of the production process, the gloves are pressed and ironed. Labels and tags are also attached.

It takes approximately 8 hours of handcrafting time, to create one pair of Handsome leather gloves.


We will respond within 24 hours,

Monday to Friday.

Wear your gloves the Handsome way - as the final piece of a perfect outfit.