We Care

Our unique Lose One - Buy One service is designed to reduce waste and to encourage a sustainable consumption. Let us care about you, your wallet and our planet.

Have you lost one glove?

It happens to the best of us, but losing a glove is always annoying. But don't worry, if this happens to one of your Handsome gloves, you can use our unique Lose One – Buy One service to purchase one new, left or right.

How it works.


It's important to find the right fit for your gloves. To make sure you order the right size, measure the circumference around your palm at the widest point.

If you are between two sizes, we recommend that you order the smaller size. This is because your gloves will stretch over time. However, if you regularly wear large/high rings or prefer gloves with a looser fit, we recommend that you choose a larger size.

Use our size guide for the right fit.

Glove Care

Your new gloves will age gracefully – all you have to do is show them some love. We recommend that you avoid exposing them to rain.

If they become wet, let them dry on a flat surface at room temperature. Avoid sources of heat.

If they become dirty, gently rub with a soft cloth together with some talcum powder as soon as possible.

The Handsome gift box

Our Handsome gift box is also made to last. We encourage you to keep your Handsome box for storage of your gloves during the off-season. The box can also be reused in many different ways, for example to store jewelry, pencils, postcards or other small items that you care a little extra for.

How did you reuse your box? Send us a message and picture through Facebook, Instagram or to info@handsomestockholm.com and we’d be happy to share it with other Handsome fans for inspiration.

Thank you!